Monday, October 24, 2011

Moolah Monday - Ways NOT to save money

Need a chuckle today? How about a boost in confidence in your own life skills?

Today I bring you a few stories that serve as examples of what NOT to do when trying to be frugal:

  1. Please, please, please, take your child to the dentist when they complain of pain lest you face emergency surgery and a psych eval, not to mention an embarrasing story all over Fox News
  2. Don't be lazy
  3. Don't be overzealous - keep perspective.  A late package isn't THAT big of a deal and it can be solved without guns.
  4. Don't steal, especially from the PTA.  Really. 
  5. Don't put off vehicle safety checks and repairs.  It might be just a few minutes too late.
  6. Don't assault someone to get them to buy something from you - ever, but especially if it will only make you a few dollars.
Hope you enjoyed :)

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