Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday - My Husband Knows Me!

Last night my husband and I had one of the easiest nights since we've been parents.  We received our two newest kiddos last night.  The little girl went to bed easily right after our other little girl did.  Then, both boys sat and watched Scooby Doo for an hour before going to bed.  During that time my husband and I actually sat and watched a few TV shows together and cuddled with minimal interruption.  SWEET!

While we were watching a commercial came on for this show:

My husband stopped the show, hit rewind, and let me see it again (I missed it the first time).  He knew this was right up my alley.

I'm so glad my hubby knows me. 

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DannieA said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Thanks for coming by and commenting! I go back home next will have more free time to read and comment...been recouping at my parent's's been a blessing!