Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working Mama Wednesday - The New Office

It took about 5 weeks after I started my new job (which, by the way, was about 6 weeks after I accepted the position) to get my new office.  During the month of June, primarily, I was working back and forth between where my team was located on one floor and where my temporary office was located on a completely different floor.  Once my office was ready it took another week to get my stuff moved by the movers - that stuff included my files, books, office supplies, food stash, and my phone with my phone extension attached.  It was a long wait.

Once all my stuff arrived I was so unbelievably busy, literally I didn't eat for 2 or 3 days, I didn't have time to move in.  That left me with a new office, 7 boxes, and 1 crate sitting in my office waiting for me to unpack for nearly a week.  I made slow progress, maybe a box or so a day, partly because I was busy and partly because I now have a new office setup and had to think about how I wanted things organized.

This meant I wasn't organized.  I had have papers all over the place, trinkets that are unorganized, and just piles of stuff laying around.  I did, however, get my pictures up as quick as possible along with the little notes from my son and husband I mentioned here.  Those little things are so important to me.

With the addition of the pictures people are now stopping by to mention how much my office is getting put together and how it feels a bit more like home.  

To which, seeing all the piles of unorganized crap, I affirm that yes, indeed, this is what home looks like :)

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