Saturday, September 03, 2011

Say What (!?!) Sunday - You're going to be what?

Costco has their Halloween costumes out now and we typically enjoy buying costumes there because they are decent quality for a good price.  In fact, we typically buy a few different costumes during Halloween season and let the kids (ok really, Logan) have a few costumes for pretend play.  The only challenge with our plan is that you have to buy early - they only get so many costumes and when they're gone they're gone.  Case-in-point, my husband went last week alone while we were on the road and saw Captain America costumes.  This week there were no more left and only the medium size (rather than small) of the one our son wanted.  We bought it anyway.  It's not his first costume that's too big (and therefore can last a few years...).

I took my nephews (and niece) to the park and on the way home was telling them about the kids costume choices.  My nephews are now into the "double-digit" ages, so I asked them, particularly the older one "so are you too cool to trick-or-treat now?"

Both immediately replied that they will be going and dressing up.

E (10) - I'm going to be a ninja

at the same time M (11.5) said something I couldn't quite make out.  A car can be noisy with 7 kids in it.

Mie - You're going to be a camel?

M - No, a CAMO guy.

Immediately I realized what he was talking about.  I think he's been a camo guy for a few years know, a military type guy.

Then I fell out laughing.  I think I even snorted.  A camel!  What a sight.

Now you have insight into my humor.  I'm a bit strange.  I thought that was hilarious; not only the sight of a camel costume on my almost-twelve-year-old nephew but the fact that I heard camel instead of CAMO.  Apparently I need to get out more. 

Or not, I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter.

And for your entertainment "AWW-factor" pleasure:

As I put my son to bed last night he was talking to mie in his very tired stupor. Out of the blue...

L: Mom, it doesn't matter.
Mie: What doesn't matter Logie?
L: Anything.  Nothing matters.
Mie: No Logie - everything matters.  You matter very much to me.  You are very important.
L: What does that mean?  (Meaning - what does "matters" mean)
Mie: When something matters, it is very important.
L: Mom, you matter to me.

He then cutely went on to help me understand that when he said I mattered, he did so because he thought I was important to him.  All of you who are here struggling with non-sleeping babies or toddlers or kiddos who vomit or other behavioral challenges - hang in there.  These little moments make it ALL worth it.

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Becky Lee Burk said...

SO sweet, you matter to me too :)