Monday, September 12, 2011

Say What ?!? Sunday - Proud Moments

My son made mie so proud this weekend. He always does, but these two take the cake.

Apparently last week at school he got in trouble for "smart talking". He even got sent up to the office. I'm familiar with such tirades, not only because I've witnessed them at home but if I'm honest I was known to go off on similar rants as a kiddo. (and, by the way, I thought I was totally justified at the time...). So I get it - he thinks he knows everything; add that to some tiredness, embarassment, frustration of being older in a younger kids body, and maybe some hunger (from his dad's side) and he can start smart talking. Anyway, that's the backstory.

Several times last week he told mie he needed to do schoolwork and write a note to his teacher. I would have obliged, but he always asked mie at quite inopportune times - like at the grocery store, the movies, or the park. Finally I indulged him:

Mie: Logie - what do you want to tell your teacher in this note?
L: I want to tell her "I will stop smart talking". The end.
Mie: (Heart bursting...) Ok Logie - we'll find some time for you today to write a note to your teacher.

When it was done it said:

Dear Ms. XXXX
I will keep my hands off my school friends and I will stop smart talking.

In big crazy kindergarten letters on lined paper with "broken lines" that I wrote because I couldn't find a kinder-lined notebook at the store. Way too cute. He gave it too his teacher this morning - I made a point to stay while she read it and let her know that it was entirely his idea. I just helped him with the spelling.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Over the weekend and as 9/11 approached we talked in bite-size chunks about what had happened. I felt it was important for him to understand the significance of the day in a way that wouldn't steal his innocent joy. On the way to school this morning we were talking about the events that happened again after seeing another flag tribute at the local school. After talking a bit about the 4 planes, the buildings that were hit, and the people who lost their lives...

Mie: The bad men who were on the plane believed that god wanted them to do it.
Mie: What's not true - that the men believed it or that God said that?
L: That God said it.
Mie: That's right Logie - how do you know that?
L: Because God wouldn't say that!
Mie: That's right Logie! God loves us and His people and it's one of His commandments that we should not murder.
 Then we went on to have a good conversation about how we can know God's truth by knowing what God's Word says and comparing it when we "think" we hear from God. It was a great teachable moment that I'm so grateful for.

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Dana Beam said...

Im really impressed with how you handled the 9/11 conversation!!