Monday, September 26, 2011

Say What (!?!) Sunday - Things that make you go hmmm....

Our little Logie continues to keep us laughing (inside, because outside would hurt his feelings).  He's got such a strong brain on his shoulders that he often says something really profound that amazes us.  But then he's also not-yet-5 and therefore doesn't know everything so he fills in the blank with his imagination.  Put the two together and you get a gem like this:

(while driving, after hearing a few days before that his uncle Mike had been in war as a Marine - to which he was amazed).

L: Mom, I know how some bad guys got here (the US, presumably)
Mie: Really?  How?
L: They dressed up and pretended to be the good guys and got back in line with the good guys to come home (from war)
Mie: Yes Logie, I bet some bad guys have done that before.  Sometimes bad guys pretend to be good guys so we don't know that they are bad guys.
L:  Yeah, so that's how they did it when they came home on the rocket ship.
Mie: The rocket ship?  Where were they coming from?
L: Space.
Mie: So, Logie, where does war happen?
L: Outer space. 
Mie: I see.

See what I mean?  *chuckle, chuckle* that mind that hasn't been tainted too much with the horrors of things that happen here on Earth.  btw...I did explain to him that at least sometimes war happens on Earth - like when Uncle Mike went...

I really struggle with being amused by the conversation with my son Logie and being annoyed with similar conversations with #7.  Sometimes I wonder if it's because Logie is my bio-son and the other is a foster-son and condemn myself a bit for that, hoping I'm not showing favoritism or being easily annoyed by "someone else's child".  I sure hope that's not it.

#7's conversations, to mie, are a bit more aggravating.  Unlike Logie's conversations which appear to have good thought behind them with the occasional dramatics or imagination, #7 is most often nonsensical so much that when there's a logical conversation it's actually surprising.  Sometimes to mie it's like what I know of Alzheimers or other dementia-type disorders/diseases.  I'm thinking about the woman on The know where she's gone most of the time but then peek's through for brief moments?  That's how it feels sometimes with him.  Most of the time, the conversations are like the one below and that gives mie a bit of reassurance (maybe it shouldn't) that it's not just mie loving one kid more than another:

...this morning, while driving on a country road.

#7 - MOM!
Mie - Yes #7?
#7 - I've been to a parking lot!
Mie - Yes you have.
he repeated that  a few times, each time with my reassurance.  Then...
#7 - Are there beds there?
Mie - Where #7?
#7 - At the parking lot.  Are there beds at the parking space?
Mie - No #7, the cars park in a parking space.  You've been there remember?

Mind you, we're not talking about a particular parking space and there really aren't any places around that have parking spaces that he might be referring to...we're near open fields.

#7 - Oh, ok.  Can I go inside one?
Mie - What, a parking space?
#7 - Yeah. he says, as if that's a compeletly logical question.

These conversations drive mie batty.  Please don't hate mie.  I really try to get inside his head and try to think about what he's could be thinking.  I try to fit it all together like a puzzle.  I really try to be patient and encouraging as he uses his imagination to learn about his world.  Maybe it's just mie and my too-logical head (that really appreciate's Logie's logic), but most of the time I can't figure it out...though I know what he's saying doesn't make any sense (for his age) I can't figure out what he might be trying to say so I can help him.

Truth is he is smart and talented in his own ways, but he's struggling, I believe with a particular attachment disorder and therefore the incessant non-sensical questioning.  This really could (and probably will) turn into a different post, but as I was explaining to his parents last week what I believe he is doing is trying to reach out and make sure I'm still there and that I still love and care for him because usually this is in the car when he's in the far back and I'm in the front.  After 6 months he still needs to know I'm there for him....that is what I believe it's all about so whatever comes out when he opens his mouth is worthy of saying.  If I remember that then my heart is a bit more sensitive and rather than playing into the nonsensical conversation I remind him I love him and am still here.

But, today is Say What (!?!) Sunday - so I'll leave these two conversations for your amusement rather than psychological interpretation.  For today.  :)

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