Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tagged for a meme

Amelia tagged me to answer...

What three skills or hobbies would you learn if you had all the time, tools, and money you needed?

1. Scrapbooking...ok...I KNOW scrapbooking, but I'd do it a WHOLE LOT MORE if I had the time (and money, but I have plenty to start working on right now so really I just need time).

2. Gardening. I LOVE gardening...but I want to learn more about it, particularly how to start a plant from other plants and the science behind soil preparation, etc.

3. Baking. I also love to bake and do pretty well but I want to go to chef school (not really, but how else would I learn?). I want to learn all of the science behind baking so that I could make my own recipes instead of following others'. I do that with cooking, but its different with baking because the proportions of ingredients need to be exact in order for it to work.

4. I'm adding a fourth...I'd become a Bradley instructor for a hobby.

I actually have LOTS of hobbies and skills that I've already started developing. I love oil painting, home decorating, gardening, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, crocheting, sewing,
painting ceramics, writing, building web pages, computer graphics, singing, etc, but I just don't have time to do any of them really.

Hmmm...I guess I'll tag Andi, Suzanne, and Mandi C., and anyone else who wants to do it.

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Mandi said...

Thanks for the tag! :)