Thursday, April 03, 2008

About praising God through pain

Once again, this message was intended to be a comment to my friend Mrs. W., but because Blogger isn't working right for me to post a comment I'm going to just post it here. I think its relevant for anyone going through pain anyway.

You said that you promised God you would praise Him and give Him glory, even if you are gritting your teeth or your heart is in pain while you do it.

It made me think...maybe the fact that we recognize God is in control and that we choose to give him Glory when we are experiencing unimaginable pain is added praise to God. It seems to make sense to me that if Logan "loved me" and poured on the hugs and kisses when I am throwing gifts at him and all is well, I would love and appreciate the love he gives me. BUT, if he is telling me how much he loves me and otherwise "praising" me for being such a good mom right after I punished him for bad behavior or while he was crying because he fell and needed stitches, that I would be even more richly blessed as a mom because even in his pain he was telling me how much he loved me. So, I know its just a silly analogy, and I am no where near God status, but I am sure that God is blessed simply by your efforts to continue living your daily life and attempting to head toward him and praise him IN your circumstances. It doesn't have to "look" pretty...he knows your heart.

Take comfort my friend. Our God sees you in your pain and wants to comfort you. And he is blessed that through your tears you acknowledge him as God.


Matthew & Jessica said...

I actually think you have a GREAT analogy! Love it! I think you are spot on.

Andi said...

Marie, that is a great analogy. Thank you...I need to hear it. Today especially. I am having a really tough day and it's hard to praise. I am praying though and that's a start...18 months ago with our last loss, I could barely do that.