Thursday, August 08, 2013

Thankful Thursday - A hodgepodge

There are so many things I'm thankful for today.

  • Dual air conditioners to keep part of our home cool while the other part waits for a unit to be fixed.
  • Approval to take one of my kids off the anti-psychotic they were placed on before coming to my home.  Life is easier now in so many ways, including for this child to control behavior.
  • Getting my dissertation edits done!  It's a long story but I finally submitted my final final final (...) draft to the graduate school so I can be done.  They've already put a hold on my transcripts because it took so long to get them done but in all reality they took 4 months to get the requirements back to me in time and I had to move on with my life.
  • Getting other work-related stuff done that was hanging over my head.  YAY!
  • A supportive FAD worker who provides encouragement and support.  Our last FAD worker was good but left us alone, something I'm also thankful for. This one is more involed but provides good feedback and is easily relatable.
  • All of my kids - they really are wonderful and are all growing and making progress in their lives.  I love them even when the actions required to care for 6 children can be draining.
  • Understanding family and friends.  Our kids are not always good.  We're not always the best parents.  People who understand and provide support are a huge help.
  • Allergy medication.  One of my children was bit on his sensitive man area and it is now swollen like something I've never seen before.  Doc says put allergy medicine on it and take allergy medicine.  I'm thankful I have all 3 of the ones she recommended.
  • My hubby who continues to work on our family and marriage after all these years, being patient with me as I too grow up. 
  • My new shoe club memberships.  Totally frivolous and unnecessary but very much a fun break from life as a working mama.
  • Progess in my childrens' cases.  They deserve permanency.  Their cases have been going for nearly 8 months.  Please God bring them permanency with us soon.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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