Monday, August 19, 2013

Marriage Monday - Appreciating Your Spouse

Oh I want to break my pseudo-silence on my kids' case.  Really.  I really, really want to share more details that include things like heading toward reunification despite the inability to be responsible for ones children by doing things like finding a way to stay for a whole 2-hour visit (rather than leaving after 60 minutes), securing a car seat for your infant when you have 8 months (or at least a week) to plan (and you can get one for free from the county!) and making sure you have all of your other kids car seats more than 45 minutes in advance of the visit start time when it takes you 60 minutes to drive to your visit.  Oh, and showing up on time so you actually have a visit and it doesn't get canceled.  But I can't share details like that.


The recent very sad situation relating to a close-friends marriage disaster (and subsequent CPS disaster) has had one positive effect (that we're not talking about much because it kind of trumps in comparison to the despair we all feel about the marriage and the resulting adoption disruption). 

My hubby and I have taken the opportunity to have a renewal in our own marriage in part out of fear that we would ever get to that point, in part out of a need to feel close to each other to help counteract our feelings about the situation, and in large part because we've had the chance to see how genuinely grateful we are for each other.  We're not perfect, either as individuals or as husband and wife but gosh-darnit I love my husband and I am very grateful that he loves me and our family, that he continues to try to work through his issues (and forgives me for mine), that he comes home to me every night, and that he genuinely cherishes me.  I'm a really blessed woman.

Everything changed for my friend a week ago.  In that week her world (and much of mine) came crashing down around her.  Though I hope and pray against it, the reality is that if it could happen to my friend it could happen to anyone of us. 

How can you appreciate your spouse today?  I challenge you to find a way to show appreciation for your spouse (or other loved ones - best friends, parents, etc.) because you may not get the chance again...

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