Saturday, August 17, 2013

Say What (?!?) Sunday - A new way to sell and things you're not allowed to do as a foster parent

My hubby and I attended BIT (Behavior Intervention Training) today.  It's a required annual training class that, if you're unprepared like us, is the same class over and over again.  You could be savvy and take it through the year when it is offered by different foster parent associations or school groups and end up taking different kinds of BIT classes, but we've ended up waiting till the last minute most years which leaves us taking the formal PRIDE BIT trainiang class with the newbie foster parents-in-training.  Honestly, I enjoy that because it reminds me of what it was like to be passionate and, well, new to this whole world.  It also gives me the chance to share my experiences with people in real life.  Wahoo.

They started the class with the list of things you cannot do.  Hit, slap, pinch, pull hair - these were all things on the list.

PRIDE Foster parent co-teacher: "You can't tie them to the tree or lock them outside without water". 

I actually snorted.  Did she really need to say that?

The class got out after 2 hours - we got 4 hours credit.  WHAT!  That was awesome and we took the opportunity to go grocery shopping alone, without our kids.  Yes we did. 

While we were at Target there was this really pushy (but with Southern Charm of course) sampling lady.  She was sampling cheese puffs.  You should of heard all the things she was saying of these cheese balls.  I'm not TOTALLY against cheese balls but these were the ones in the absolutely giant container that really don't end up on my "feed the kids this semi-healthy food" list.  Once in a blue moon, if that.

As I turned the corner to another aisle I heard her say:
Sampling lady: "And look at this great art-deco container"

She was dead serious.  I think. 

Y'all - this was the same clear-package with a red lid that cheese balls already come in.  Art-deco. 

It cracked me up. 

Too funny.  She was really trying.

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