Sunday, June 03, 2012

Say What (?!?) Sunday - I didn't recognize the number

I thought you'd all get a kick out of this little story.  My sister and her family became licensed for foster/adopt in the same county I'm licensed in about 6 months ago and have yet to have any placements.  They received several calls a few months ago - of course they were out-of-state- but since then haven't heard a word.  This shocks my husband and I who haven't gone more than a month on the list without getting a placement.  It's pretty surprising considering how you always hear what a great need there is for foster parents.

Anywho - we were discussing it on Memorial Day - still no calls.  She mentioned she doesn't think about it as much anymore, since it's been so long. 

So she texts mie this morning:

Sister - I'm such an idiot.  My cell phone rang at 12:30am and I looked at it ant thought I don't know who that is and went back to sleep.

Sister - Of course it was a foster placement.  That never even crossed my mind.

This is now 8 hours later.  I tell her to call back anyway - they may still need someone and it never hurts to build a relationship with the CPU workers so they know to call YOU next time they have a placement.

I'm so frustrated for my sister and her family who have been waiting but really get a chuckle out of that situation.  Seeing as how my case may be going toward reunification sooner rather than later, I sure hope they get a placement soon!  I don't want to be waiting as long as they have to get another placement!

With all the talk about waiting for "the call" we've had before - I hope you all enjoy this little snafu too.

Edited to add - I got a call at 9pm the same night I wrote this, which happened to be the same day my sister sent me those texts.  

Sister: I'm going to start this conversation out by saying that I'm not joking.
Mie: Ok.
Sister: So I put my phone in my room to charge and then went in the living room to vacuum and clean.

You guessed it - she missed ANOTHER placement in the same day for not answering her phone.  This time it was the same placement worker (and the same one that called me with 2 or 3 of my placements - I love this particular CPU worker).  She had a 2 week old!!!!  Deep breath.

I'm sill hoping that she gets a call (and answers it, and accepts the placement, and the kids actually come) soon!  Apparently reunification is coming sooner than expected in our case and we might be placement-less by August so I'm really hoping that my sister has a placement by then so we're not waiting on the list behind her :)  I mean, it's good that there aren't kids that need a placement but I don't want to wait THAT long for the next call...

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nicole said...

whoa! 6 months and no placement. we are 2 weeks and no placement. we have had a 4 calls and said yes 3 times but was not needed. waiting for the phone to ring over here as well.