Friday, June 15, 2012

Foster Parent Friday - And That's How Foster Care Goes

I told you about my sister's placement.

That darling little girl went to be with her aunt yesterday, just shy of one week after she came home to my sister.  Even though they knew this was likely, they still felt (the same way we all do when we let a kiddo go).  I advised them to do something fun as a family that they couldn't have done with a 10 day old baby and then start anticipating the next call.

Then I left their house.  I left my son with them to enjoy their goodbye festivities.

That's the way foster care goes.  You get a child into your home.  You love them for a day, a month, a year or two, and then they go.  Your life goes on.  You wonder about how their life is going, even when you only knew them for 6 of their first 10 days on Earth.

Sometimes they stay forever, but most of the time they leave physically.  They always stay forever in your heart.  Always.  Even the difficult ones.

I went running last night with a friend.  We had a good run.  I talked most of the time and even though it wasn't about mie it was really therapeutic for mie.  I was in a bad mood.  It was also good preparation because when I was 3/4 done and we were almost back home, my phone started ringing - the phone I almost didn't bring but thought what they hey my hubby likes mie to bring it.

Guess who was calling...

I now know what my sister sounds like when she's calling to tell mie about a new placement.  How cool is that.  A new placement you ask?  Less than 24 hours since the last one went home?  Yep - a new placement.  This time it's an 8 month old little girl.  I finished my run and then headed over with my son (yes, I had picked him up before dinner...).

The CW was still there when I got there and we chatted about mutual acquaintances we knew at the county office.  I told my sister how lucky she was to have gotten a kid out of that office.  She is really lucky.

This little girl is ADORABLE.  And small - not in an unhealthy way - just smaller than my kiddos have been. She smiled and played and interacted.  You wonder how someone could not take care of such a sweet little thing.

Apparently the same way this same person could be pregnant and not take care of this sweet little thing.

That's right - my sister accepted an 8 month old who's about to be a big sister and who's mom is not expected to work services.  This means my sister is likely to get another newborn in a few months (she has a spot available) and will have two sweet little babies.  She's waited for 6 months and within a year will have had 3 kiddos.  Or know how that is.

That's the way foster care goes...

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