Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Signs of Love

Sometimes I sit at work and find myself really missing my kiddos.  I wish I could just turn around and give them a big hug and tell them I love them.  I know that most of the time they are not thinking of mie, that they're having fun with their friends and they love doing that, and they are looking forward to seeing mie when I come to get them, but I still for a moment feel guilty that I can't really just turn around and scoop them up.

This was especially hard when I first came back to work after having my son.  I HATED leaving him.  My department director at the time was a fellow mom and must of known what it would be like to come back to work.  On my first day back after 13 weeks off with my son she had posted this poster on the glass doors outside the elevators, no doubt I'd see it, and then a giant one in my office hanging on the window blinds:
Logan - 14 days old.  Notice the extra sticky my husband left for mie one day - it says "Your a good mom and wife
 This picture now hangs just to the right of my computer monitor so I can easily see it and I've cherished it for nearly 6 years though I will say I'm not sure it helped to see his picture on the door as soon as I walked in :)  This little boy now looks like this:

A few weeks ago my son was here helping mie move into a new cube after his Kindergarten graduation.  A few times he found things he liked and pocketed them (like a calculator and some trinkets I had).  A few other times he found "neat" things like post-its that he became distracted by for a few moments.  After a while I had these things spread throughout my office:
Mom "Roks"

This one is a 2-Pager.  It's decorated with ripped pages and stapled together. (I love you soo soo much)
I have several other trinkets and pictures that remind mie of my family spread throughout my office space.  Additionally, I have several small post-its like the one in Logan's baby picture above where my husband has left cute reminder notes for mie to let me know he loves mie.  Like father like son.

These things make mie smile everyday and though they'll never replace having my children with mie, it is nice to see them, pause for a moment to remember the important things in life, breath-out a stress-relieving sigh, and get back to work so I can get home to my family as quickly as possible.

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