Sunday, April 08, 2012

Say What (?!?) Sunday BONUS! - The One True God

I originally had scheduled yesterday's Say What (?!?) post so that it would post up today, but then I got a really good gem that is so much more fitting for Easter Sunday - the day of our resurrected Lord.  Today is the day we celebrate His sacrifice for us and the fact that not even death could contain his love for us but even more so in His death and subsequent resurrection He showed His love for us far more sacrificially than any of us do for those we love.

Friday my sister was watching my son Logan so that he could play with his cousins on his day off rather than going to another friend's house who has kids who are much younger.  Apparently Logan and his cousin Aurora (7) got into what my sister called a "theological conversation...about different gods people believe in".

Oh how I wish I could have been there to witness that.  As usual between these two it happened in the aisles of Target.  I was at work instead of there with them so my sister texted mie:

L: Yes, but we believe in the one true God.

Amen brother-man.

If you ever wonder if what you teach your children actually sticks in their brain, here's proof that maybe they're picking up on it.

Happy Easter my friends!


Kim said...

AWESOME! I love it! My Little Drummer Boy wants to take the resurrection eggs to school on Tuesday and do the presentation for his class! Gotta love those kids!

Sophie said...

:) Amen.

kobe said...

what you said is justified