Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday - A husband who gets me, part II

What's your ideal 9th wedding anniversary present?  A trip to a bed and breakfast?  A couples massage & salon day?  Something romantic like a dinner at a fine dining establishment or a hot air balloon ride? 

After 9 years of marriage, my husband is getting closer and closer to knowing mie.  Of course, I keep changing over time so that doesn't help his endeavor, but I know he's trying and I appreciate that very much.
And because he gets mie, he provided mie with the perfect anniversary gifts for which I didn't drop a single hint.

T-Fal 10- pc. Copper Bottom Stainless Steel Cook Set.Opens in a new window
My hubby bought mie this set of pots and pans.  He said he spent 2 hours or so in the store researching the one that would be best for our family, even considering that non-stick cookware may not be healthy for our family.  How cool is that?  The set we had we received as a wedding gift from my grandmother and although many pieces are still just fine, some of the pieces are nearing their end-of-life so this was just perfect!
Dessert Decorator PlusDisposable Decorating BagsDeluxe Tip Set
He also bought mie these cake decorating items.  I love decorating cakes and cupcakes - for each of my kids birthdays I make custom designs with homemade icing.  It's become my "thing" now.  I don't get too many opportunities to be creative like that nowadays, so I savor the opportunity to do great cake decorations.  Though I have some of these tools, having more is just a blessing!

How cool is my husband.

Also, one of the best "gifts" he gave mie was an act of service the night before my birthday.  I should have taken pictures, but really, you'll thank mie for not doing so.  He helped mie clean out our turtle tank as he had promised.  He didn't forget that he'd promised.  He didn't do it on his own.  He did it with mie and that was key.  It's not often that we get to do things together and I cherush the times we do get to work on something, even if it is as disgusting as cleaning that nasty turtle tank.  YUCK!  Our turtle tank is now sparkly clean (or as clean as it will get!) and everytime I walk by it I remember how he helped mie.

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Penelope said...

My hubby will not give me anything practical for a gift, even if I ask for it! Our 7th anniversary is coming up. It's copper or wool - hmmm.