Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We said yes...

That's right friends - 6 weeks after our last kiddos went home we finally got another call (so weird it took that long!) and we said yes to a new placement this afternoon.

Just because we said yes doesn't mean they'll actually come.  They are moving foster homes, which makes mie a bit nervous after our last experience with kiddos who moved foster homes.  They have a few challenges but they seem like "normal" foster care challenges and they promised mie (?!?) no RADish behaviors (yet).  They also promised mie they are being moved not because of their behaviors but because of a medically fragile child that will stay in that home.

I asked for a pre-placement visit but we won't be doing that this time.  It's available to us, but we decided it wasn't necesary this time, especially with the timing of it all.  It's another neglect case and they seem to have typical neglect-related challenges.

The caseworker mentioned she couldn't do the move this week.  If that's the case, I'm thinking it will be next Tuesday or Wednesday - we'll see!  If that happens, we'll add #9 - a 3-year-old girl and #10 - a 1-year-old boy and we'll have 4 kiddos again.

Hmmm...things might be getting interesting again around here!


Mama P said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to "meet" them if they come.:)

What are the ages, or can you say?

Jess said...

Here's to hoping these little ones fit into your family without too many challenges. Good luck! ♥

Julie said...

You've got lots of love to share with these little ones -- and since your husband's schedule is changing you will have lots of time together too! Hope it goes smoothly!

Mie said...

Thanks for your support everyone!

It is a 1 yo boy and 3 yo girl. I haven't heard from the caseworker yet after talking with her about the kiddos yesterday, so we'll see what happens!