Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - It's Our Anniversary!

9 Years Ago Today
This lady and this guy were married.
My dad walked his baby girl down the aisle.

At some point I lit my veil on fire with candles.  Who thought that was a good idea to put mie in a flamable material then put mie near candles?  I'm not graceful.  Thankfully that material melts with only a little smoke :)
We became husband and wife.  Weren't we just cute! 

My husband's facebook status today said:
Today we celebrate 9 years of marriage.  She is the one who makes me smile when I don't want to, the one who I can trust more than anyone else, and the one who can make my tummy happy!  She is the one who gave me a child, the one who I can share anything about myself with, and the one who I am attracted to even after 9 years.  She is as beautyful today as the day I first saw her!  I don't wanna live life without her being a part of it!  I love my wife, Marie!

Seriously.  That was awesome.  Mine said:
Happy Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband!  Thank you for 9 years full of memories!  May we get 9x9 more.

I was totally out done.

Happy Anniversary to us!

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