Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Tears - Logan's First Day of Kindergarten

 Monday, August 22nd, was Logie's first day of Kindergarten.  Wow - I can't believe how he has grown and that he is ready for kindergarten.  I had been eagerly awaiting his first day of kindergarten, prepping him for being a "big boy" and starting real school.  He kept telling me he wasn't ready yet, but then as the day arrived he was so happy to go to kindergarten.  He was a little shy, but probably more because I was making such a big deal about it than anything else. 

See his uniform?  He loves wearing the uniform.  He's a big boy now and gets to wear the uniform that the big boys get to wear.  We (I) had so much fun shopping for them and trying the different sizes on.  When he finally had the whole outfit on with the right sizes - oh I wish I would have taken a picture - he was so happy and proud of himself.  I wish I could capture that moment forever.

The night before school we didn't arrive home from our trip to California until around 9pm.  By the time we got settled and all the little kids to bed it was 10pm.  Surely this was not ideal on the night before the first day of school, but we did the best we could with what we had.  He took a shower and got all spruced up.  He shaved and brushed his teeth and combed his hair before bed.  I told him I'd iron his uniform so there wouldn't be any wrinkles.  He told me he was going to look great for kindergarten.  I agreed.

Before he went to bed he told me that he was going to wake up early and brush his teeth and then wake me up.  That was at 11pm.  I know he was awake still at 1am.  I also knew that he wouldn't be waking up as early as he thought he was.  (I on the other hand had to wake up really early to take #7 & #8 to school in time for a visit). 

On his first day of school I would have liked to have made him a big yummy breakfast but because of said visit I didn't have time to do that.  Instead, I made him a great big bowl of sugary cereal and had him eat before getting dressed.  I sat with him and talked.  Daddy woke up (after only a few hours of sleep) to share the morning with us and admittedly I was probably more excited than anyone but Logie was certainly excited. 

Logan's cousins stopped by to see him and to say hi to grandma mom before their first days of school.  One of them was starting intermediatte school - what a big boy.  Logie wasn't dressed in his uniform yet so they didn't get to see him but he was able to see that his big boy cousins wore uniforms too.  So he promptly got dressed and boy was he so handsome.  We took a few pictures at home before heading out the door on our way to kindergarten.

Logie is attending private kindergarten because he's not quite old enough to start in public school.  This of course just means I will have to figure out how to get him into public 1st grade next year, but that appears to be easier than entering kindergarten early.  This has its good and bad sides.  It wasn't quite as big of a deal for any of us to have him start kindergarten because he's not at a new place - he's at the same place he went for pre-K.  He and I had both met the teacher before and he knew where his classroom was.  He also had a friend of his going into kinder with him, so it made the transition much easier.  On the other hand, we missed out on the whole public kindergarten send-off.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  Either way I tried to treat it just like if he were entering public kindergarten.  We took lots of pictures, walked him to his class, showed him around his classroom, found his name everywhere, found his seat, and talked to the teacher for a little bit.  I think this all made it more of a celebration.  Despite this being Tuesday's Tears I didn't actually cry.  I'm just so proud of the little guy.

Because grandma mom had driven back with us from California, she was able to be here for his first day and happily went along for the ride.  And, we got to get this picture too.  That worked out well :)

I couldn't wait to pick him up from school yesterday.  Unfortunately it was later than I would have wanted, but nevertheless it was still just as joyous.  He ran to me and jumped in my arms like normal.  I love that.  Then we talked about his day and I greatly enjoyed his willingness to share with me.  He learned new "big boy and girl" rules.  He learned about lines on a paper and how we're supposed to use them to help us write.  (He was amazed I knew that - he said "were you there the whole time?"...no I just saw the chart paper with the notes on it ;-) ).  He drew us a picture with writing on it.  He only got in trouble once for not being quiet during story time. 

Now I'm nervous about what will happen next year - really nervous.  But I know it will work out in the end and I'll figure out next year's plans later.  Right now I'm just enjoying my kindergartner.

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