Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Expertise

Though I'm not always great at it, I try to live my life with gratitude.  I've been fortunate enough to have learned pretty quickly in my life that when trouble comes and pain hits it will eventually turn into a great opportunity to minister to others.  This has helped mie a ton as I've gone through my share of troubles, almost everytime something major has hit my life I've been able to immediately recognize the "new expertise" that God is developing in mie and that in and of itself has made the pain easier to bear.  Not easy to bear, just easier.  Faithfully, as soon as I start to get through the initial torment of pain people start popping into my life who are going through the same thing, usually a few steps behind me in the journey, and I'm able to love and guide them from a "been there done that" kinda place.  It's almost always more comforting to talk to someone who has experienced what you're experiencing and survived than someone who has no direct experience in what you're going through.

I'm so grateful for the big things God has brought mie through - the infertility, marriage troubles, deaths - you know, all the big stuff.  But I'm also grateful for the little things too.  Those small challenges I've gone through that have made life a little bit more challenging but certainly more rich on the other side. 

And so today I have another opportunity to share with you an expertise through a guest post on my girl Brit's site - Living With 3 Boys of Our Own.  Check the post out here and give my sweet friend some love.  There's even a contest you can enter...

Maybe, just maybe, the torment I've gone through in cleaning up enormous amounts of vomit has turned into an expertise that, though I would have never asked to get the merit badge, can turn into something that helps all of you out in your time of need.

Have a great day folks.

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Dana Beam said...

your vomit-allergy hypothesis helped me figure out why I too cleaned up more vomit then I ever wanted to clean up from my daughter. So yes even that helped someone :)