Monday, June 27, 2011

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Why parent's love adult conversation

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE spending time with my kiddos.  It is by far one of my favorite things to do.  Nevertheless, the more time you spend with 2-20 month old girls, a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old, you have plenty of interesting conversations.  That is, afterall, what this feature is all about.  Here are a few brief snippets of conversations we had this weekend.

#7: Mommy - I ate ALL of my dinner.  I ate my chicken-on-the-bone (fried chicken), I ate my fruit, I ate my mac n cheese.  Can I have a popsicle and snacks?
Mie: No sweetheart, you can't have a popsicle and snacks.  I am very proud of you for trying your food tonight, but you only took one bite of each.  You didn't finish your dinner so you can't have any more snacks.
#7: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 

seriously...where did he learn that?  It's actually much better than the whining and kinda cute, but I do wonder where he learned that.

#7: I want a tiger birthday cake for my birthday
Mie: Ok, is that what you want?  I thought you wanted me to make you an M&M birthday cake?
#7: No, I want a race car cake.
L: I think he should have a scooby doo birthday party.
Mie: You do?  What kind of birthday does L want this year?
L: I want a batman party. 
Mie: You do?  Ok.  Like one at our house like we always do or did you want Chuck E Cheese or something like that?
#7:  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I don't want mac n cheese.  I don't want mac n cheese. 
Mie: #7, we need to talk like a big boy with our big boy voice.  Also, I said Chuck E Cheese, not macaroni and cheese.


Mie: L - do you remember #1 and #2?  Do you want them to come back to live with us?
L: No, I liked #1 but not #2.
Mie: Oh really?  Why didn't you like #2?
I don't remember his answer, but it was pretty nonsensical.
Mie: What if they needed a home because they didn't have another home?
L: Ok.  Maybe we can leave a trail of bread outside and it will make them go away.


#7: (out of nowhere) I HATE Mr. Dave (therapist).
Mie: Wow #7, that's very strong.  Why do you hate him?
#7: I am very angry at him.
Mie: Ok, why are you very angry at him?
#7: I am not angry with him!  He makes me laugh and I have fun with him!
Mie: I see.  Well, why do you hate him?
#7: I don't hate him!  I love him.  He makes me happy.

We have a lot of these types of conversations, mostly about his parents - I'm guessing he's working through his feelings.

Mie: #7 - What do you want to do for your birthday? It's coming soon!
L: When is his birthday?
Mie: July XX
#7 - NO!  My birthday is July - August.
Mie: No #7, it is July XX.  That comes before August. 
#7 - NOOOOOO (whining), it's July August.
Mie: Ok dude.  I'm going to celebrate your birthday on July XX.  I hope you can come!

L: (in the car, loudly, with everyone else in the car too) Mom, DON'T tell #7 that I got to go on a special date with daddy to watch Cars 2.
Mie: L - (frustrated look...) I won't tell him.  Do you think that #7 should have a special date with daddy sometime too?
L: Yes!  In fact (he talks like that) I think he should have a special date where daddy takes me to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Now, remember we have the other two little kiddos too.  And imagine that every time a question is asked, one in particular immediately responds NO! in the background.  It's just funny.


Sunday Koffron said...

Whhhaaaatttt? You are cracking me up! I am always amused with the stuff my kids some up with. Bread crumbs….lol!

Mie said...

Sunday - No kidding. Thankfully only one of my kiddos is perceptive/mature/smart etc enough right now to cacth on to my "hide the smile" coughs or chuckles. Unfortunately that one does not appreciate them :) Rest assured with each of these crazy conversations we do talk most of their ideas through...the bread crumb conversation ended up with another crazy conversation about what would happen if those two got lost and ended up finding their way to our house (which is about 40 miles away from their current house). I was proud of him for saying he'd be happy to give them a home if that happened. Gotta be on our toes!

Suzanne said...

I agree with Sunday. The bread crumb comment was awesome. Haha!