Monday, June 27, 2011

My life just got easier...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  (LOL)

I just found out that you can schedule a blog post!  No seriously, this is the best invention EVER.

I often find myself thinking of a topic for one of my features, but alas it is not the day for THAT feature.  During those times I often have the time to write the blog (or could make time) but again, why do so when that feature would be written then saved for however many days (if, by the way, I could get blogger to save consistently...does anyone else have problems with that?  I think it's the firewall I'm behind). 

But now, I can write those blogs when I have the inkling and schedule it to post later! 

This will also help me when I get in the blogging mood and can sit and write different posts for hours but don't want to post back-to-back posts and have you miss out on all but the most recent post. 

I am SUPER excited.

And you can be sure that this post was written early and scheduled to be published at a later time. 
Why didn't I find this earlier?

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