Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The week ahead

Here are all the things we have to do this week (before Sunday)...some have to be done before we take listing pictures on Friday, others (like school work ) are due during the week:
  • Paint upstairs bathroom
  • Clean upstairs blinds (4 sets...already did 8)
  • Fix laundry room floor (glue & caulk)
  • Touch up downstairs bathroom paing & caulk
  • Fix wood trip around downstairs toilet
  • Paint trim in master bedroom
  • Finish installing master closet fixtures & baseboards
  • Fix base of wood around posts
  • Replace patio fan
  • Replace/fix electricity in logan's fan
  • Paint trim in 3 bedrooms
  • Patch living room celing
  • powerwash back patio
  • Powerwash exterior (front, sides)
  • Mow, hedge, trim outside
  • Pull weeds in the front flower beds
  • Paint trim around windows
  • Wash extrenal windows
  • Clean air vents
  • Touch up frontroom paint
  • Clean fireplace screen
  • Fix fireplace transition piece
  • Finish painting TV wall
  • Trim up the stairs
  • Clean the carpets
  • Organize closets
  • Replace scents
  • Recaulk master baths
  • Fix Undersink Cabinet
  • Finish reading 40 pages of the textbook & take the test
  • Start two final projects
  • Pack for a 2week vacation (and do laundry for it!)
  • Fill out seller paperwork
  • Finish financing for the new home
  • Wash the cars
  • Clean the garage
  • Trim backyard flowers
  • Fix serpentine belt on the car
  • "Stage" the house...put things away/pack things up
  • Watch a friend's baby for a day
  • Turn in last piece of adoption paperwork
  • Do homework for Wednesday's class
  • Iron curtains


This is only a little more busy than normal...mind you I have three more days to work this week, one evening in school, and J has three more nights to work.


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The Kings said...

Were you able to get everything done? Did you survive?