Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Comical Title Changes

When we joined our ABF, we had to pull a question in front of the class...mine was "What makes you laugh"...I have a strange, usually innocent, sense of humor and I seem to find it in such little things. But, I couldn't come up with an example at the time and to this day I remember how lame my answer was. Here's an example:

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll notice I have had a few blog links that were all named the same thing...something about unable to sign in...these are my password protected friends and when I set them up it didn't give me the chance to rename them. Today when I went in to add new friends (Hello Chambers family!) I saw I could rename them...unfortunately, I didn't know which was which...I did my best job testing links and trying to match, but this is what I ended up with...didn't even get one right...

Should be: ------------ What I renamed it:

Pure Pandamonium -----Ferguson Family
Aggie Widmers ---------Pure Pandamonium
Dusek Family -----------Celebrating the Chaos
Hello Newmans ---------Dusek Family
Ferguson Family -------The Calames
Celebrating the Chaos ---Aggie Widmers
The Calames -----------Hello Newmans

You'd think by chance I would have gotten one right! Argh....here I go to fix them again :)

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The Kings said...

That makes me laugh!