Monday, November 02, 2009

And the saga continues...

Ah well it has been entirely to long since the last post. Not for lack of things to post about, I assure you. Here are the two most recent:

1) We are thinking about selling our house. Not so much because we don't want our house anymore but because we REALLY want another house we found when we weren't really looking. Unfortunately, because we weren't really looking we weren't really ready to put our house on the market either, at least to my standards and the house needs a ton of sprucing up which we couldn't realistically get done soon, at least it would take a couple weeks on the G household time, but throw a slightly poorly timed vacation in the mix and we won't be able to list, we think, until mid-December. This throws a wrench in our plans and frowns on our faces. Oh well...we said from the beginning we'd be happy either way.

2) We are continuing to progress through the maze of foster/adopt licensing. We have spent the last 5 Saturdays in a tiny room in South Dallas with some funny folks learning a few of the ins & outs of fostering, and, a little bit about adopting, but mostly fostering. This is all only to find out that this past week those in charge have decided to stop focusing on fostering and instead focus on straight adoption. We are hoping to finish our last class and paperwork before our instructor is officially axed and we have no one left to finish our licensing. This should, without other complications, see us licensed around the first of the year sometime. It could take shorter, but because of our vacation, these crazy changes in the system, and then Christmas & New Years I'm trying to be realistic. And trying not to focus on the fact that I'm already planning my schedule into the new year. In any case, what we are thinking is that this change will a) slow down the process for us, b) limit us to older children through straight adoption despite their insistance that we stick with younger kids because we already have one in the home, and/or c) require us to go to a private agency afterall which would also require us to start over, at least at some point, in the process. WOOHOO! Par-tay! not.

Anyway...we are crusing along in this crazy, crazy time. Anyone feeling like throwing up some prayers on our behalf we'll take it. And if you have someone that might be interested in buying our house, we'll take that too.


Anonymous said...

That does sound pretty crazy! Let me tell ya, getting our house ready to list was a nightmare....lots of nights staying up all hours (and I mean all) to get the job done. We were exhausted and very cranky people for about 2 weeks there.

The good news though is that many people are in the market for starter homes like ours right now. I hope you guys can get it all together soon, because it was totally worth all the hard work!

We will be sending up some prayers for you guys!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

You know, Candice told me she had passed my blog along to her cousin... I had no idea it was you!

We'll have to compare coupons soon - Kroger is really good through this week if you want to get back on the wagon!

Monkey Momma said... guys have a lot going on. I'll be praying for you to have a "go with the flow" spirit and acceptance. Makes those splashy waves on this river rapid easier to handle! :-)