Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday's Tears: Things I Cry About Today

In no particular order:
  • The panicked look my kids had on their face yesterday when they asked me "Is it true we're going back to live with our mom soon?" (It is not, not that I'm aware of)
  • I've stopped potty-training Summer.  Instead I've given her permission to be a little girl again and only give her pull-ups.  She can let me know when she's ready to keep her panties dry. I'm not bothering with it anymore.
  • I've been potty training Summer for 20 months.  Most of it has been horrible.  I think it's caused other problems for her.
  • The thought of sending Baby Baby home at some point - for all my foster mom friends who've raised a child of any age, but particularly from the hospital, for any significant period of time and then had to say goodbye.
  • The work I always have to do...or, more accurately, never being done with the work I have to do.
  • My hubby's quickness to be irritated with just about anything.
  • The time I spend away from my kiddos.
  • The thought of birthday party season in my home
  • The thought of the medicine one of my kids has been taking and the likely inadvertant negative side-effects is has caused.
  • Watching parents lose their kids because they just can't get it together enough to keep them.
Thats it. 

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MamaFoster said...

I am with ya.

I hope your kids get permanence soon!