Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday - A Lovely Visit

This isn't about a lovely visit with birth parents.  In fact, since the last time I told you about how the visits were going we've had two more missed visits meaning one parent hasn't seen the children in 4 weeks and the other has missed all but one supervised visit in that time.  That parent also has unsupervised visits.  Since the last time I updated you on visits this parent has been arrested (and let go) during one of the visits and had some seriously funky stuff happen on the other.  I wish the police hadn't let that parent go during the first visit - it would have made things so much easier for us all because even though the crime was the same, it doesn't appear quite as bad to the judge when the police let you go because they feel sorry you have 3 young kids in the car with you.  Oh, if that officer knew the truth. *Sigh*  We're leaving on vacation soon which means there will be 2-3 more visits "missed" before the parents have a chance to visit their kids again.  That's a long time between visits.

Actually, this post is about a lovely visit from my hubby's aunt who drove a day to come see us.  Actually, she drove a day to attend a training event in the area and chose to spend the night with us so she could hang out.  I seriously love this woman.  If I had to pick someone I felt really demonstrated what it was like to be a true honest-to-goodness Christian woman it would be her.  She's down-to-earth, genuine, non-apologetic but very graceful...everything I'd hope to be.  I don't know if she knows I feel that way about her.  Maybe I should say something.

That was the extent of the lovely visit we'd looked forward to for a couple weeks because we had a few other very ugly things visit at the same time.  Blech.

*Baby Baby caught a cold and slept in 15 minute increments for 5-6 days.  By the time my hubby was home to help ME get some rest Baby Baby was sleeping for 60-90 minutes at a time and I had caught his cold.
*Strep has paid a visit to our home as well - maybe it's what Baby Baby has or not - Logan came home Tuesday with a fever and Summer woke up Wednesday with one.  This visitor has disrupted my hubby's pre-vacation plans to work around the yard and the house.  He has been able to keep up his busy movie-watching schedule though.
*The visit to the ER was no fun last night, taking me away from the home for 3-4 hours that I was supposed to get to spend with the wonderful aunt.  The reason we were there was even less fun - we went to wake Logan up from his nap and though his eyes opened he was completely unresponsive for 3-4 minutes.  His body was rigid and he couldn't speak.  His eyes were not able to follow anything and eventually he started this weird giggling.  It was very scary.  It seemed like what I would think a febrile seizure would be like but his fever was only at 101 at that moment.  I never want to experience that again.  Thankfully ER tests showed that he was fine (of course), and soon I'll have the crazy bill as a momento of our experiences.

Oh the madness. 

We are very much looking forward to our upcoming lovely visit to California.  The 2 day car ride to get there?  Not so sure about that.

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G said...

My nephew has febrile seizures. I don't know if they present the way Logan's did or not (I've never seen him in one), but his actually happen before the fever spikes up. My point being that it still could have been a febrile seizure, even though the temp didn't seem high enough for it.

Hope it's a one-time thing. Must have been scary!