Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maybe (new) Baby?

I have a favorite investigator.  Or, I'm her favorite.  So she tells mie.  Ever since she placed #11 with us she has texted every couple weeks with a new placement opportunity.  We've either been on the list or for whatever reason it hasn't worked out.

This afternoon my dear friend called to ask us if we could take an adoptive placement.  She has a 4 and 6 year old male sibling group that needs a permanent home.  The story started out that rights had already been terminated and the current kinship placement realized they couldn't do permanent care but then it turned into termination is scheduled soon but is a likely adoption since no other family is available.

Placement is needed tomorrow (Thursday).

We haven't been on the list.  We were waiting for a while, enjoying our break.  Frankly I wasn't sure I was going to want to go back on the list.

We said yes.  After a little toil to get back on the list, we're now ready to accept this placement.

Now we wait.  They are supposed to "officially" call in the morning.  They may or may not call.  The placement folks may decide they want to pick someone else, I suppose.  We shall see.

I plan to take the day off with my son to visit a local theme park.  He doesn't know this yet.  It may just be the last day of him being the oldest in our home.  Not sure what to think about that.  Thankfully though I'd been planning on this day off with my son already and it might just work out.  Either way it will work out.

So - we're praying tonight and tomorrow that God's will prevails.  That if these two children are meant to be part of our family then CPU calls us in the morning and it all goes smoothly from there.  Join us will you?


Vertical Mom said...

You know I'm praying right now!

MamaFoster said...

wow! waiting to hear.. :)