Wednesday, March 20, 2013

REALLY (Not) Having It Together

First, see yesterday's post. Then come back and read this.

I took this morning off to register #19 for school.  It's my first school-age placement and the first time I've gone through the "normal" registration process, not that this is normal by any stretch of the imagination.  So, I planned to take all the kids in and then go register him for school and head off to work.

As a side note, this plan was somewhat interrupted by another child and I getting sick with strep-like symptoms.  So, I planned to work from home in the afternoon.  I couldn't get out of an 11am meeting though.  Just keep that in mind.

Last night as I prepared to send him off to school I could not find my placement paperwork anywhere.  We looked everywhere.  3-4 times.  The only thing I could think of was that I left it on my desk at work.  Of course I didn't remember doing that but it was the only place left it could have been.

That meant this morning after dropping all the kids off at their respective schools I had to drive the 26 miles to work in rush hour traffic to check out whether or not I left it on my desk before I could continue with the registration process which involved .  So I did.  And it wasn't there, which meant I had to drive the 26 miles back home empty handed with no other plan.  I can't withdraw him from the current school without the paperwork.  I can't enroll him in the new school without the paperwork.

Incidentally, I can't take #20 to the doctor without the paperwork either.

So, I went home.  I almost cried.  I looked through everything a 5th and 6th time.  No luck.

Thankfully the caseworkers in this case really are the best and jumped into action, working together across different caseworkers to email mie what I needed right away.

Now I sit here at Chick-fil-A while my kids play in the play place and the phone won't ring to get a hold of the folks who are waiting for me to call for my 11am meeting.

*Sigh*  I really do need to get it together.


acceptance with joy said...

i can so relate!

Vertical Mom said...

AW :-( I hope you feel better. I wonder why God allowed this little detour in your plans. What's He up to?