Friday, February 15, 2013

Please Pray - Judge's Decision

Hello everyone!

Can you please pray this weekend for our baby baby's case?  Apparently the judge in the case heard the hearing today (finally) but declined to make a decision until Tuesday.  It appears as if the folks involved in the case clearly believe that the decision IS NOT clear, that the decision could equally be to send him (and his siblings) home with mom and dad, send some or all of them to the relative the siblings were with, or have CPS retain custody (and move toward termination).

Please pray for the judge to have wisdom and that God's will is done in this situation.  Please also pray for our family to accept the news well and have a chance to absorb the information before any changes are made.

Thank you!


The Moshells said...

Praying big!

Laura: One Day At A Time said...


Chazley Dotson said...

Hi -- new to your blog, and hoping everything goes perfectly today for the kids and for your family. I've been there!