Monday, January 21, 2013

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Help from the president...

Out of the “Say What?!?” box...
My son must have seen something about the presidential inauguration because over the weekend we had this conversation:

L: Mom – you know that thing where the president gets up and talks to everyone?
Mie: Sure!  Sometimes they have speeches and soon they will have an inauguration.
L: Yeah, that.  I’m going to go there one of these days.
Mie: You are?  That’s great Logan.
L: Yep.  I’m going to go there and then I’m going to ask him a question.  I’m going to ask him when he is going to fix it so that when someone finds money or earn money or win money they stop putting it in the newspaper.
Mie: Ok, why do you want to tell him that?
L: Because of the bad guys?
Mie: Tell me more.  What do you mean? 
L: I want to do whatever I can to stop the bad guys in the United States from doing things bad and when they put it in the newspaper, you know...
Mie: You mean that bad guys can find where the money is if they write it in the newspaper when someone wins or earns or finds money?
L: Yeah, and so if we don’t put it in the newspaper the bad guys won’t find it and it will be better!

Hmmm.  Smart kid.  I would like to know what collection of experiences he’s had to help him think through that!  


Dana Beam said...

That's so neat! Maybe one day he'll help to stop the bad guys as a police officer :)

Foster Mommy NY said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for making me giggle and well it is the truth! :-)