Sunday, September 09, 2012

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Two Funnies to Share

Our home has been infested with pink eye.  Of the 7 people in our home, only 1, the baby, has not had pink eye yet.  I've determined she either brought us the pink eye or a couple days from now I will let you know that she too has developed bright eyes.  Brighter than they are anyway.

It started with the hubby and I, literally at the same time, and it sucks.  After 4 days my eyes are still pink.  His are nice and white.  Figures.  I've been to the doctor 4 times.  I convinced the doctors that yes, I know that one doesn't have goop yet but I promise I know he/she will have it tomorrow so please just write the script.  I was right.  In the morning he/she had it as predicted.

It could be worse.

To cheer mie up I'm sharing these two funnies:


#12, 13, and I were driving to their initial doctor appt from dropping off Summer's fecal sample at the doctor, 11 months after it was requested (the vials weren't expired and I had to do something to make her poop on the floor incident worth it).  We had to drive down the newly paved country-ish road.  I was enjoying the "quiet".  #13 was jabbering in the back seat quietly, mostly to himself.  Then...

#13 - MOM!!!
Mie - Yes #13?
#13 - Stop stealing the mail!
Mie -  What?
#13 - You and daddy need to stop stealing the mail!!!
Mie - We don't steal the mail.  Who stole the mail?
#13 - Unintelligible
Mie - #13, Who steals the mail?
#13 - I don't know, I can't see him, he's invisible. Unintelligble... the hulk is dead.

Hmmm...I'm fairly sure this kiddo had an experience with someone stealing the mail and it made him uncomfortable when I started asking about it.  The things you hear in foster care.


Tonight, after the baseball game, Summer went right to sleep.  She did spend her naptime at the doctor getting her eyes looked at, afterall.  We woke her up and she was grumpy.

Daddy - Summer are you mad?
Summer - *nodded*
Daddy - Who are you mad at?
Summer - *points to daddy then quickly changes* MOMMY!!
Daddy - *turns his head to laugh*
Mommy - Why are you angry at mommy? 
Summer - You are BE-YOO-TIFUL

At least she's mad at mie for a good reason ;)

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