Monday, September 03, 2012

Say What (!?!) Sunday - She's Who?

I love you all - I miss you!  I don't think I've signed onto my blog for 2 weeks now. I've been working like crazy, coming home and taking care of the 5 kiddos, then "working" another full-time job completing my dissertation draft for submission until 1 or 2 am each night.  I've had 4-5 hours of sleep, interrupted by at least one kiddo of course, for the past 30 days.  There has been NO time for blogging and I've been really good to stay away.

But I've missed you all.  A lot has changed since the last time we spoke.

  • #13 arrived.  We now have another 3 year old boy.  This means on top of everything that has been going on we added 3 kids in 2 weeks, all from separate placements.  This is also our first public case meaning the reason for removal was all over tv.  Thankfully the news isn't directly related to our little guy so no one actually knows the connection, but it has been interesting to say the least.
  • #12 came to us toothless.  Since she's been here she's cut 5 teeth and has 3 more at the surface.  That's 8 teeth in 3 weeks.  Poor kiddo.  You can imagine she's pretty grumpy.
  • Logan started kindergarten at the big boy school.  We did the whole take-him-into-the-classroom thing, waited until the class started, and then the hubby dragged me away kicking and screaming.  It wasn't that bad but I was really relieved at the end of the day Logan called to say that school was AWESOME! and he was extremely emphatic about it.  Since then it's been wonderful.
  • Logan started taking the school bus.  So far so good there too.  I was worried about it but he enjoys it and it has worked out well so far.
I thought it was Sunday but it's actually Monday.  It really doesn't matter - I have a funny Say What for you.

Setting - Dinner, 1st or 2nd night with #13.

#13 - ...and Hope* did this and Hope* did that and Hope* gets in trouble a lot...(name made up, but he talks about this individual a lot)

Mie - "Oh, I see.  Who is Hope?"

#13 - My wife.  straight-faced, without missing a beat.

The hubby and I did our best to not bust out in laughter.  He was so matter-of-fact and sure about it that it just caught us off guard.  Too funny.

Hope that brightened your day - thanks for continuing to come around to see mie even though I haven't "been" here much.  Stick around - I plan to submit my draft dissertation in a couple days and then I should have a little bit more time on my hands.  I also have a couple FAQ questions that were requested of mie and a few people who've reached out and asked to guest post and/or have mie share information in the next few weeks so I should be here again soon.  


Joy Kinard said...

I have been wondering where you went. I suspected #13, but was holdong close to the dissertation gig. I guess I was right on both ends! Good luck as you finish up!

Vertical Mom said...

LOL! I needed that laugh this morning :-) Thanks.

Kylee said...

So glad you're back - you've been missed!