Monday, August 13, 2012

(Still) Atypical. Dysplastic.

I finally received a call from the doctor on Friday morning. (Well, to be precise, it was the assistant that was in the room with the doctor and I during the exam.)

She reiterated they were all atypical and dysplastic.  This was weird because I didn't know we were looking at that - I figured that was already known and that is why they were removed from mie in the first place.  I guess the lab just confirmed the doctor's suspicions that, indeed, they were atypical and dysplastic.  Lovely.

The great news is that there were no signs of melanoma.

The bad news was that sentence was followed by "yet".

I will celebrate what is good.

At this point I just have to watch the spots for signs of color, meaning they are coming back.  I'm thinking it's a bad sign that on the one I can see (my stomach vs. 3 on my back) I can already see the color from the root of the mole.  The doctor said to give it 2 months and we'll re-evaluate, unless something drastic happens and I see obvious changes more quickly.

This brings up and interesting point.  These things itch.  Boy do they itch.  They didn't prior to the removal but now that they are (still) bandaged and healing (after 10 days) they are itching more than ever.  I am supposed to keep them bandaged with a clean bandage and ointment every day until the new skin is in which should have been 7-10 days.  I think we're getting close.

Which brings up another interesting point - the itching is not from the bandage.  Apparently I am allergic to the adhesive on bandages.  When I posted that on facebook my family and some friends suggested it may be a latex allergy.  I've never noticed a problem with latex but have always had this redness and itching from bandages.  I suppose I figured that was just part of the package - healing wounds, ripped off bandages, redness and itching - seemed appropriate to mie.

Apparently its not normal and is an allergy.

Just a few fun facts for you today.

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