Sunday, August 05, 2012

Atypical. Dysplastic.

These are the words that keep running through my head.

"Dysplastic.  It's dysplastic."

4 injections of lidocaine and 4 sets of incisions later I was left with 4 holes that I'm not allowed to let scab over and must change bandages and ointment at least once a day.  3 of them are on my back...

"Don't let them dry out.  7-10 days"


It took a full 30 hours for mie to begin to get nervous.

I know I'll be ok.

This isn't the first time it's been suspected I might have cancer.  The first time the results came back benign (but I ended up with a surgical infection - I'll take that over cancer any day!).  It was a different type then.  My son was only 6 months old or so.

Maybe that's why I've not been concerned.  I'm sure it will be fine.  I'm sure they will be benign.

But the words the doctor spoke and the way in which he spoke and the look on his face gave mie the distinct impression that this wasn't a normal visit.  There was a clear indication that at least a little concern should be warranted.

I've checked 2 websites - one indicating I should be very worried and the other indicating I may not have anything to be concerned about.  Except, maybe, trying to change bandages on my back shoulder blade at least once a day.

I'm supposed to hear back early this coming week.

"We'll call either way," she said.


Sunday Taylor said...

Sending positive vibes your way. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Praying that everything will come back fine for you!

Joy Kinard said...

Waiting is the worst part. Praying for the best news!

Mitzy said...

I am thinking about you and sending healing vibes your way.