Sunday, March 11, 2012

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Avery is what?

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A few weeks ago we were driving in the car, on our way to Auntie K's house (about 1 mile away) and Logan and I had this strange conversation:

L: Mommy - Aurora (cousin) says I like Avery.
Mie: Who's Avery?
L: I don't know, but Aurora says I like her.

I'm trying to figure out how Aurora knows Avery and Logan doesn't know who she is...

Mie: Are you talking about Avery from school?  How does Aurora know her?
L: No, not that Avery.  I don't know what Aurora means.

I'm totally confused so I drop it and we move on with our day.  

Then Friday night Aurora came over to play and stay the night.  As we were out to dinner at our favorite local all-u-can-eat pizza buffet the saga magically continues:

Aurora: Avery is Logan's girlfriend.
Daddy: Mommy - did you hear that?
Mie: Logan - Avery from school?  What does it mean that she is your girlfriend?
L: She's my girlfriend (totally non-chalant)
Mie: Is Addie your girlfriend?
L: No.  Just Avery.
I then proceeded through all the girls I knew from his school - trying to figure out if she was just a friend that was a girl.
L: No mom, just Avery.
Mie: What about Cate?
L: No - that's Marcus' girlfriend.

Say what?  You and your best bud both have girlfriends?  Get out of town.

At this point Daddy is trying not to laugh and Mommy is trying to figure out how to handle this conversation in a way that helps him know he can talk about "this stuff" with his mom and dad but while also setting the standard that he doesn't need to be worrying about girlfriends right now.

Mie: Can you pay for her house?
L: Yes.  Well, no.  I have money but not enough.
Mie: Then you have no business having a girlfriend.
L: But mom, she doesn't NEED a house.
Mie: Until you can pay for her house you don't need to have a girlfriend, you need to work on learning and becoming a good man after God's heart.
Daddy:  Well, I don't give my girlfriends a house.
Mie: You shouldn't have any girlfriends.

As daddy and I are having this comical exchange, Logan reaches his head over to Aurora:

L: What are you trying to do, get me in trouble?

Dang - I didn't think I'd have to start these talks now.  How do I keep him from thinking about girls at 5?!?

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Kim said...

Good luck with that! My son came home and told me that he "FINALLY" found the person he's going to marry - Ally from school. When we were at Ally's family's house for dinner a few weeks later, I heard Ally, very sweetly, tell my son that she loved him. I said, "Ally, did you just tell him that you love him?" To which my boy replied, "MOM! I TOLD YOU that Ally and I are getting married!" They then be-bopped off, holding hands. Well, then...