Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm BACK! For now...

So after being rewarded at least in part for being an informative and consistent blogger, I took a left turn and managed to drop off the face of the planet, as it seems.  I promise it wasn't intentional and I actually had really good things to blog about but as it turns out I wasn't able to.

At first I wasn't able to because I was SO busy.  I work in project management now and usually can find time to blog when I take a quick break during the day or at the beginning of the day as I'm getting my thoughts organized for what lay ahead.  Last week Two weeks ago that wasn't an option.  All of my projects began to be very needy, which means activity is happening and that's good for a project manager.  It's bad for the project manager's blog when all of it happens at once.  Then I got new kids.  Oh joy did I get new kids!  (LOVE THEM).  Then, when I finally did have a chance to sit down and blog, my computer monitor decided to stop working.  After dealing with that for a while my computer stopped working altogether.  And that was just two weeks ago.

Then last week came and on top of everything that piled up while I couldn't work the prior week I also had planned to be "on location", so-to-speak, with a project team that was secluding itself off-site to make significant progress.  I had planned to have given them as much of the week as possible as a facilitator, computer-free since I was standing up speaking and scribing most of the time.

I was able to make it into the office a few times but as it turns out, on top of fixing my monitor they decided to replace my entire computer.  It was supposed to take 15 minutes.  I didn't get a functional computer for several days.  That did not help out the previously mentioned pile o' work that was stacking up, quickly.

Then, after I received a perfectly working computer, Blogger decided it was going to stop supporting IE, at least the version I'm allowed to have on the said computer.  I'm not sure if this was really a Blogger thing or an issue resulting from a partially non-functioning computer.  It really doesn't matter.

I really was unable to blog - meaning not possible - couldn't though I tried daily.

Today I got fed-up with it and decided to take a chance with the IT folks and download Google Chrome.  To my utter surprise it actually worked and now, so does Blogger.  Perfect.  I was able to catch-up with all my friends and now begin the process of writing all the blogs I've had in my head all this time.  I have a few really good ones in mind - let's see how far I get into it before I get distracted again.

Of course I say that because this is the week before Christmas and OH how excited I am about that.  I'll be working a few days this week but then it's time off with the family, hopefully until after the new year.  I'm so looking forward to that.  I've got a trip to see Christmas lights planned, a trip with the eldest to pick out presents for his siblings, a cookie-baking day with the kids and their cousins, and just plain ol' family time.  I'm really looking forward to it so I don't know how much time I'll actually take catching up on the blog.

Hopefully it ends up being a great balance!

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