Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a sad day in Collin County...(but not that sad)

Friends, I'm sad. Maybe dissapointed is a better word. Yep. I think dissapointed works.

But most of you will think I'm crazy when I tell you why.

A couple weeks ago I received a jury summons. This is only the first I've received in the 4 years we've lived in Texas. I was so excited.

Yep, you got that right! Call me crazy but I was excited. I love the opportunity to be a juror. I have a job that allows me to go to jury duty. Yes, it's a hassle to have to catch up on work or do something "different" than I normally do on a Monday morning, but it doesn't hurt me at all. And furthermore I get to participate in the legal system which is understandably really boring sometimes but I feel honored that I get to do it.

Or, shall we say, that I used to get to do it. I don't any more.

I'm a disqualified juror.

*Sniff, Sniff*

I received a letter in the mail today telling me in one short line that I was disqualified from being a juror and my summons is canceled. I have a pouty face typing this.

I called to ask why and, as I suspected, it's because of the Narcolepsy. I'm not one to try and "get out" of jury duty by claiming I have a child to take care of (I do, but we do pay for daycare normally on Mondays) or by claiming I'm a full-time student (well, I am), but when it came to the question about whether or not I had a disability that could prevent me from being able to serve on a jury in order to be honest I had to mark yes if for no other reason than they have the right to know that I will have a difficult time, even with medication, sitting in a jury seat even for a few hours without falling asleep or nodding off. The disability check mark requires a doctor's note and an explanation. I wrote the explanation, but because I didn't particularly want to get out of jury duty and because I was too lazy to call and try to arrange a letter from the doctor I was still planning on going on Monday.

Until I got the letter today.

I'm kinda bummed. I don't think I'll ever be able to serve on a jury. I know I'm weird, but I feel like I'm missing the opportunity to be a part of one of the things that we as Americans have the right to do. I explained it to my hubby this way...what if they told you that you couldn't vote. You aren't allowed. And it's because of a medical condition you have no control over.

Don't get me wrong. I don't disagree with their decision. On one hand I'd love to have me on a jury (well educated, strong values, knowledgeable about the legal system, etc.) but at the same time if I were on either side of the case I'd definitely want someone who wouldn't have a legitimate problem staying awake.

This is just one of the things I get to face I guess. I tell people that I'm glad I was diagnosed officially in Texas, because if I were in California the neurologist would be required to report my condition to the DMV who would without amazing grace revoke my drivers license. And I wouldn't be allowed to drive. Again, not that I'd disagree with that decision necesarily, but no one likes to be told what they can and cannot do.

So, it looks like Monday I'll be at work as usual. Fellow citizens, when you get your jury summons, as much as you hate the thought of going, think twice for those of us who can't.


The Duseks said...

I'm like you, I would love to serve on a jury. However, now I do have kids and couldn't find childcare. So whenever they get in school I can't wait to get that letter in the mail!

Raina said...

I've also always thought jury duty would be kind of cool, but the one time I was summoned was a point in time I knew I absolutely could not do it. I had to check the full time student box. Someday, I hope to, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you can't serve on jury duty! I'm glad you were honest, though. I think that's more important in the long run anyway. :)

The Kings said...

I'm glad someone else doesn't see jury duty as a prison sentence itself. Its something we all need to help with.

We're really sorry though that you were disqualified. It might be safer to drive in California, but we don't want to move there or they might find something wrong and not let us drive either!