Monday, June 23, 2008

Narcolepsy Symptoms

If you haven't already, take a look at my post below "On having Narcolepsy"...this is a followup to that one...

I didn't write any of these but found them on a 30 page document put together by others with narcolepsy and I found that I share the same symptoms:

It started out by saying... "You know you have narcolepsy if..."
  • If your right hand really DOESN'T know what your left is doing (and neither does the rest of you).
  • If your side of a conversation consists mostly of "And then...wait, I think I was...what was I gonna say?"
  • If you have a clock on every wall in your house and all of them are purposely set ahead to different times so you'll always think "It's time to go!"
  • If you've never seen a whole feature film, but appreciate the longer ones because you actually wake up before it's over and you can see the end.
  • If you have a 10 hour or more delay on memory retrieval.
  • If you've trained your dog to turn on the coffee maker, pull the covers off you in the morning when your alarm goes off, and prod you into the shower.
  • if everytime you pass a cop on the road you think to yourself, I hope he didn't see me nod off.
  • if you tell people at least twice a day that, "I am so sorry, but I'm abolutely exhausted, and I can not believe that I did that.
  • if you take a drug and are able to remember the entire drive to work and are shocked by that fact.
  • If "deja vu" crosses your lips at least 5 times a day but draws worried glances from people nearby who just watched you repeat the same behavior.
  • If you've never finished anything you started - not even a sentence
  • If your children offer tic-tacs to people who doze off in front of them.
  • If you praise yourself every time you remember something before it is too late.
  • If you've trained yourself to bite the inside of your cheeks to keep your lips tight so you won't drool when you doze in public settings.
  • If you keep a sleeping bag hidden under your desk.
  • If you have ever put the phone it the fridge only to find it later and replace it with a roll of toilet paper. (I forgot to mention in my original post the automatic behavior...we do some REALLY WEIRD STUFF because we are on auto pilot...)
  • if your husband is no longer surprised by finding car keys, shoes, etc. in the fridge.
  • if you say "now what was I saying?" over 10 times a day.
  • if you get up to go to the bathroom and halfway there forget where you were going.
  • if you can fall asleep on a roller coaster.
  • if you have to check the light 2 or 3 times to be sure it really is green before you go.
  • if you have to constantly ask someone "did this actually happen or was I dreaming?".
  • if you have to read the same things over and over and over and
  • You can remember all of your favorite outfits since you were the age of two.
  • You have to carry your address with you because youcan't remember it
  • You realize at noon that you have your blouse/dress on inside out
  • ... if "Huh? I'm sorry, what did you say?" is part of your regular vocabulary, and you're not hearing impaired.
  • if you can sleep through roofers tearing down and putting up a new roof on your house.
  • If you've ever said "I'm so exhausted, I need a nap" and your spouse replies "you've only been up for 5 minutes".
  • If you've ever awakened yourself by inhaling water from sinking too far into your bathtub.
  • if while talking to a customer or a fellow co-worker you realize you have no idea what you just said, or how long they've been waiting for you to respond - who else can be standing and holding a piece of paper & take a quick nap and NOT fall or drop the paper?
  • you sleep in the sick bay at work during the lunch hour (although for was the nursing room while pumping!!!)
  • you've learnt just to smile when others say 'oh I get tired too'
  • If, "Wait, don't wake me.... a man just got hit in the head with a mountain" seems like a good reason to be left alone.... and you believe it at the time.
  • If your idea of a good place to nap includes: Burger King's parking lot, the dressing room at Kaufman's, or in your car outside of the sleep doctor's office because you showed up 10 minutes early
  • If when you lay down, you are afraid that you may have forgot to set your alarms, then realize.... wait.... that doesn't matter!
  • you take notes in your college class that start out legible but end up a beautiful abstract art masterpiece
  • you awaken and curse the clock because it didn't go off, yet you are the one that turned it off.
  • If you dream about getting in a car accident and wake up to find yourself driving on the freeway.
  • sleeping on the sofa, instead of your bed, counts as quality time with the children (or your spouse)
  • you can wake up 6 times before you REALLY wake up, and then you think you're still sleeping

I'm sure I could spend more time doing this but this is just a sample. Really, these things are honest to goodness things that I experience, maybe only SLIGHTLY exaggerated, if at all.

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