Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Plans for the Future - I need your help

Hello blog friends!

I'm currently working on revamping my blog.  A lot has happened in my life in the past few months and basically everything has changed.  (What else would you expect from someone who runs a blog called "Letting go of Mie"?)

As an example, I'm no longer a working mom.  This alone is giving mie more time to work on my blog and other personal and professional interests.  I'm excited about (most of) these changes and look forward to sharing them with you as well as getting back in touch with my reader community. Look for big changes to format and resources here soon but I assure you the real Mie will still be the voice behind the blog.

Letting go of Mie has been around for about 9 years, actively blogging for about 7.  Many of you have been here since the beginning and I've been honored to share my life with you for so long. Others have come along for the ride more recently when a post or as friends have shared.  I'm grateful to have been there for you as you've needed answers or encouragement in some of life's crazier situations.  You all have been a great part of my life.

Here's where I'd love your help.  Would you please drop a comment or send mie an email (see the Contact Mie tab above) letting mie know what you'd like to see from mie in the future.  What topics would you like mie to write about?  Do you have questions I can answer for you? How else would you like mie to stay in touch (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)?  Let mie know!

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Oh...and by the way we do not have the baby yet.  We're still in a legal case about it.


Anna said...

Hello! I'm training to be a social worker in the UK, and am currently working in a child protection team. I absolutely love your blog and have been reading it for a long time. I like hearing about the day-to-day life of your family. How the experiences your children have had impact their day-to-day life now. How you manage to meet the different needs of all your children. How you help your children to process everything that has happened. I would rather read posts by you, rather than have other people contribute, because your perspective is so interesting and valuable! Thanks!

Alice said...

Hello! I'm a longtime reader and fellow foster-adoptive mom in Texas. I'd love to read more about raising a large family and some of the challenges that go along with that. We "only" have four kids, but some days it seems like ten. I'd also love to read about any special needs you deal with (not necessarily connected to a specific child) because of events in their younger lives. I enjoy your writing and can often identify with the challenges you face.

Vertical Mom said...

Wow! That IS a huge change! I'd love to hear how you are managing all of the needs in your large family and how you are feeling about being home full-time. But, please, no more tornadoes! ;-)