Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Our Fears Realized...Changes to the Situation with the Newest Boys

Things happened yesterday.  Things we'd always feared.  Things we'd never wanted in our home.

A safety plan was immediately put in place.  We did a lot of safety things with the kids last night.

As soon as I get a hold of the caseworker we will be asking for these kids to be moved ASAP.

My hubby and I agree on that plan.  I  feel it's more complex than just asking them to be moved.

My heart is broken for what was, my broken dreams of what could have been, and lost hope for certain things that could have been.

Of course I wrote a note to someone interested in foster care two nights ago.  I told her I'd experienced everything in this world and as I typed it I knew there was one thing I hadn't.  It bothered me that I said I'd experienced everything and yet didn't want to point out that I hadn't experienced this or get into it or acknowledge that there was something out there that we could be subjecting our core family to through foster care.  I sent the note anyway and got that pit in my stomach.  Less than 24 hours later exactly what I was thinking of came to life.

Please pray for our family.  Situations are always complicated.  We want to be strong as a core family, to handle this with wisdom, and for God to heal our hearts, probably my husband's and mine the most.  Pray for safety and that this type of situation NEVER comes our way again.


Dana Beam said...

I'm so sorry! I'll be praying!!

UKYHowards said...

I am so sorry your family is going through this! Once you have had time to process , it would be great to see a post about prevention and addressing safety issues as they happen.

Praying God carries your family through this troubled time.

MamaFoster said...

Sorry to hear this. We had a bit of an issue come up here as well. But, thankfully, it was a flasher issue. No one touching anyone. I hope everyone is ok.

Laura: One Day At A Time said...

Prayers for you, Marie. I'm so sorry. God has your back!!

Vertical Mom said...

Oh, Mie! I'm so sorry :-( I will absolutely be praying for you, your husband and all of the kids. Praying for wisdom for all involved as you move forward.