Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Thanksgiving Placement - An Unexpected Dilemma

#14 came to us Thanksgiving morning.  Early.

My husband and I have agreed to say yes to every placement we are offered and are allowed to per our license.  It's an act of faith for us and obedience to care for the kids who need a home.  

With that in mind, we don't really hesitate when we get a call.  We find out as much information as we can so we know what to expect.  We give a tentative yes until we can talk as a couple out of respect for our marriage (if we're not together when the call comes in) and then we start getting ready for whatever comes our way.  We try to ensure we set aside enough money for the initial daycare funds or whatever else we might need when a child comes.  We have most bedding situations available.  I have 10-12 tubs of clothes, organized by gender and size (and sometimes season) so we can pull out whatever we already have as the child arrives.  We have all the baby equipment (swing, bassinet, playpen, strollers, etc.).  We have enough of many things for multiples - not that we've had real twins or triplets but have frequently have had 2 or more of the same size & gender child in our home at times.  With all of that, we usually need to buy at least something for each child as they arrive.

It was 3:54 in the morning.  I was sleeping soundly.  The phone rang and it was CPU.  She had already spoken to my hubby who wasn't home at the time and he'd agreed to the placement as long as she would call mie and I agreed as well.  (I had made a big deal about having CPU call me FIRST - then I forgot to bring my cellphone into the bedroom with me that night - Ugh).  I got only a little bit of information (this CPU worker has placed with us a few times and is not my favorite) and said yes.

It was 2 1/2 hours before the kiddo arrived.  We did the normal paperwork.  Usually before the investigator leaves they will drop off a whole bunch of stuff that needs washed OR a small bag with enough essentials to get through the day.  The bag arrived with nothing but a lifebook inside.  I asked if I should expect more things to come - he said not likely.  That's ok, I said, we have plenty of stuff upstairs. I just needed to know if I should get it all out or if I should get out a few things to last while I waited for his stuff to come.

As it turns out, I didn't have any stuff for him.  I found 2-3 shirts, a lightweight jacket, and a few pairs of shorts.  No big deal, I thought.  I'll just go as daylight comes and get him a few things.

Except - it was Thanksgiving.  Nothing was open on Thanksgiving.

I eventually found Walmart.  I never found where all of my 2T boy stuff went.  


Joy Kinard said...

Girl you are on an adventure!

Vertical Mom said...

You know you'll find it when he leaves. That's Murphy's Law!

Dana Beam said...

The closer we get to the first placement the more question I have. So I figured I'd throw them your way and see if you had any advice.
1 - What are the most important questions that you ask before you accept a placement. Are there things that you think should be big warning signals?
2 - First Day 101. Things like: Are there things that you do the moment you find out you're getting a placement? Are there things that you check the kid for the moment they get in the house (I'm think things like lice, rashes, bruises, etc). Are you ever worried about contagious diseases and if so how do you handle that especially before you take them to the doctor. Are there things that I should have on hand before we even get the call beyond a crib and carseat?
3 - How do you decide what the kids will call you and what they will call your other kids. And how do you even bring that topic up with your bio kids and the new kids?
4 - How do you help your youngest to understand the transition for kids coming in and out? Your youngest is about the same age as my oldest so I'm trying to figure out how we're going to explain all of this to her.
5 - Do you have any other for people when they are getting their first placement?
Thanks for any advice you have!!

Mie said...

Dana - these are great questions! I'm so excited to answer them...(I still have your other one about tax write-offs...that one needs more research and so it's stumped mie...)

Dana Beam said...

No worries about the tax one! I just ask the questions as I think of them. No rush though :)