Thursday, July 16, 2009

Song Lyrics About Me

These are a couple songs that really hit me right now...I almost added them to the update series but figured I'd just do another post. (You can do that right? Multiple posts in a single day?)

Hold On - Abandon:

She sits alone and wonders...When is the end of broken dreams

This isn't what I pictured...She says as tears run down her cheeks

She needs a friend beside her

She's looking for a Savior

(Chorus) Hold on, hold on, someone will find you

Hold on, hold on, somebody loves you

Hold on, hold on, your not drowning this time

Hold on, hold on, look for the searchlights

She grabs her coat to leave...So sure it's gonna be the end

Another broken family...Tears are her only friends

This isn't the life they wanted

She's hoping that Heaven comes through

Does anybody care and do you even see

Look past my skin until you see me

Do you even know what I'm going through

I need to talk to someone can I talk to you

Does anybody care and do you even see

I'm running out of hope and sanity

Do you even know what I'm going through

I'm having a hard time facing the truth

Does anybody care

The other song is "Control" by Clemency....I can't find the lyrics anywhere...but the chorus includes:

The whole world's getting heavy to hold, So I'm letting I'm giving up control.

It's clear to me who you want me to're who I want to follow...

Show's how bad I am about lyrics...but it's a good reminder to me that I can't do it all...or, in reality...nothing without Him.

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Pandamonium said...

Love that song "Hold On"...which is exactly what you're doing. Hold on, Marie! Yes, somebody loves you! :)