Monday, August 25, 2008

Need a Wii Fit?

Who actually needs one I say. I guess I should have titled this who wants a Wii Fit?

Believe me, my last post wasn't the more sad one that I could have posted this morning. I have one so painful to me that I'm not ready to write it because I know if I did at this point it wouldn't be out of love...more of pain...and it would be misunderstood and I would offend some people unnecesarily. Needless to say we're rethinking our friendships and where we decide to be planted.

So, as to not end on THAT note, or on the note of my last post, I decided to post about a completely frivolous yet wonderfully enjoyable thing we've found called the Wii Fit.

We've loved the Wii since we found one about a year ago. Its truely innovative and has been one place for our family to interact in those brief moments we get to spend together. Wii have a blast with it (get it...wii...hahaha)

About a month ago we were lucky enough to find a wii fit. We plugged it in and I've been enjoying it ever since. Of course, I was horribly sick for the past 2 weeks, which ended my daily use of it, but I plan to completely dive right back into it this week, school permitting.

I'll post sometime about why I love it.

But for now (since I need to head to a meeting...), I'm offering to look for one for you.

They are hard to find...very hard if you've been looking for one you know! But over the last several weeks we've found them at the WalMart near our house three times. Everytime I go (about once a week) and everytime Jason goes (about the same amount of time), we check to see if they have any. We've managed to find several for several friends, so if you want us to pick one up on your behalf if we see it, let us know and we'll look for one for you. I'll just pick it up when I see it and you can pay me back, regular price. No guarantees, but just offering to be your scope for you since we have one of our own and have had so much luck finding them.


Pandamonium said...

I played a friend's Wii fit, and it is a lot of fun! I have a hard time not actually jumping on the board when you play the tightrope walking game! :)

Pandamonium said...

Oh, and I LOVE the hula-hoop game!

Mie said...

You're so right! I thought I was doing really good when the screen went black while I was doing the tightrope game. Turns out I had jumped and not even known it! Yikes!