Monday, May 12, 2008

Update on the spa

We had a nice morning at the spa. It started out with a motorcycle accident on the freeway, causing us to go the long way, which included a closed street, and then, getting lost and calling a flower shop (???) for directions. Thankfully, we found the place 30 minutes late (15 minutes into our appt time) and they still gave us the full treatment. It was really good and none of us realized how tense we were. Then it was on to some steam room time and then a pedicure. Lovely. (which, does not describe my toes by the way...I thought it would be ok to put my shoes on 30 minutes after my pedicure was over. The paint on my big does disagreed...but whatever). My mom then treated me to a manicure as a gift for my graduation. Totally unnecesary but certainly appreciated.

The best part of the morning though, and I never thought I'd say this, was when we got to check out before we left. My sister and I were splitting my mom's costs, so we told the lady to charge me for mine and half of my mom's.

Her response..

Which half would you like to pay?

I'm sure I looked at her funny. I just didn't know how to respond without making her feel silly. And I certainly didn't want to be mean as either she siad that in error or clearly isn't good at math concepts like fractions. We all started laughing, trying not to laugh because we knew we were laughing at her. She totally didn't get it.

I'm sure I shouldn't be making fun of her on this blog...but I'm taking it to be one of those funny word mishaps that happen...those silly things we say.

Like when my mom said to us growing up, kind of frustrated with us, "get your "ebow of the tabow".

Or like when my coworker, starting a conference call, said to us all "If you aren't on the call speak up".

I'm sure I have several but the people around me have been nice enough to let me slide. Take some time to think of some harmless, silly things people have said, most likely in error, and have a chuckle on me.

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The Kings said...

I get to experience a spa day soon. For mother's day Todd got me a day at the spa. I was so excited, I got my mom a gift certificate for a day at the spa also.